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Unattended death cleanup, also known as body decomposition cleanup, is much more common than most people realize. The moment an individual dies, the body immediately begins to decompose. Whether it is from suicide or natural causes, the hotter the environment in which the body is located, the faster the decomposition process will complete. Bodies found in this state can be difficult for loved ones to handle, as the remains act as an unpleasant reminder of the passing. Fortunately, the professionals at Best Crime Scene Cleanup Miami of Miami provide quick, thorough, and affordable unattended death cleanup services to assist in returning the involved environment to a safe and inhabitable state.

Body decomposition can be very dangerous to the environment in which it occurs, as well as the physical health of others who expect to utilize the affected area in the future. This is due to the fact that when a body decomposes, the fluids within the body leak onto the surrounding area. This fluid will often times smell very bad and will affect sub-floors, mattresses, clothes , carpet, etc. We often get asked why can’t you just wipe up the area and “get rid of the smell”.

This is because getting rid of the evidence on the surface does not solve the entire problem. The number one thing you can do to get rid of an odor is to remove the source. While some companies promise to perform a “wipe down” of the surface that will get rid of the problem, this is only a temporary solution. A few weeks or months later the smell returns, and those living in the home afterwards become sick. The proper cleanup must occur from the start and must be handled by experts who understand the complexities of bio-cleaning.

Body Decomposition Cleaning Specialists

When a body decomposes it begins to attract unwanted insects that ingest the body fluids and transport them through house. This serves to spread the issue outside of the main area. If the heat or A/C is on, particles break down and can become airborne. This will leave a film on floors and walls which will also need to be removed. Body decomposition cleanup is never a simple task or a quick procedure, some simply choose to quit before the job is done. Our experts will never leave a task unfinished, no matter how big the mess becomes.

After Death Cleaning Company

Cleaning up after a death is a serious issue that cannot be left in the hands of a novice. Body fluids can contain disease and must be cleaned up thoroughly to be done right. Improper cleaning could lead to eventual bacteria and mold growth, as well as many other potential threats. . Our expert team performs every job the right way, by removing layer after layer of material until we no longer find any bio-matter.

Many insurance adjusters themselves do not understand why work cannot be done with just a wipe down, and for this reason we take pictures as documentation every step of the way. The process can be slow and tedious but must be done precisely to guarantee the bio-hazards are gone, the technicians are safe, and their exposures are reduced. Wouldn’t you rather have it done right, knowing that your safety is being taken into consideration, than done quickly? Best Crime Scene Cleanup Miami of Miami is one of the top companies for body decomposition and cleanup after a death. We are right here with you, so contact us today for assistance.

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Best Crime Scene Cleanup Miami provides death cleanup and decontamination services in all of Miami and our services are almost always covered by insurance. Sometimes when people die in a natural death it is not always a peaceful passing in bed. There can be diseases which cause a person to die naturally such as a GI bleed or any type of hemorrhage causing a loss of body fluids, that requires a professional bio-decontamination cleaning service to come in and makes sure all traces of the death are gone.

Best Crime Scene Cleanup Miami will eliminate the mess and all the traces of the death so the remaining family members can begin their recovery from their loss. The process is very similar to body decomposition cleaning. Call us for the fastest service and speak to a live and local professional with your best interests at heart.

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